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First lemon and lime

First Lemon on the Lemon tree

Remember my gorgeous new Lemon and Lime trees I planted in July? (you can see the post about them here). What a pleasure it was today to find the first ever fruit on my new Lemon tree! Both trees have been covered in blossoms for weeks already and today I found a good size fruit on the lemon tree. Both trees are covered with what I think is the beginnings of fruit […]

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Loving the St Josephs Lilies

St Josephs Lilies

I love all the St Josephs Lilies I have flowering in the garden right now. My favourite bulb planting, the Asiatic and Longifolium Lilies have more than delivered and this little area of the garden is a mass of flowers. I had intended to cut these for indoor use but they look so stunning in the garden I can’t bring myself to to take the scissors to them. There are two Lilies […]

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Backgarden joy

I am so enjoying my back garden and the velocity of growth I see every day! It is amazing how everything is springing to action and the veggies are actually looking like something you can eat!! A huge growth from 5 days ago! The herbs are creeping over the patchwork patio and everyday I can pick mint for my lemon tea and thyme for my midday meal. The peaches are  causing havoc […]

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Parent Trees

Japanese flowering crabapple

Late August, early September my beloved Dad spent two weeks with us in Cape Town. He took a much needed break from his life in the USA to spend time with us knowing he was going home to have an operation soon after. He timed his trip to coincide with my birthday and wanted to buy me something special … During his stay we seemed to spend a lot of time talking […]

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Mid-spring in one garden for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October

Springtime brings with it hope and big dreams and promises – with the garden full of colour and each plant growing 3cm each night while I am asleep, I have great plans of picking bunches of flowers for the home and gathering fabulous salad greens and baby potatoes from my veggie patch for summer lunches. I am missing my best friend and blogger buddy, Christine, this Blogger Bloom Day, but I hope […]

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For the Birds …

For the birds

Barbie, this post is especially for you to show you two new additions to the Brazilian Pepper in the back garden. Remember you commented last week that you’d hang things from the tree? Well I took that to heart and then I found this cute bird nectar feeder at the nursery and decided my birdies that wake me at 5 am every morning might make a bit less noise if they had […]

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Dance of the Bees

Bee 1 doing a pirouette

The fol­low­ing buzzing con­ver­sa­tion is based (albeit very loosely) on true fic­tional tales. The names of the Bees have been con­cealed in order to pro­tect their buzzing identity. Overheard on location in Claremont, Cape Town The Stage: Australian frangipani tree (Hymenosprum Flavum) Cast of characters (in order of appearance): Bee 1; Bee2; Woman with camera, Bee 3 and Bee4 Bee 1: Buzzz … where is that human now with her camera? Doesn’t she […]

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Apple Espalier

My next project is to learn how to do an Espalier Tree. I bought 2 apple trees last week and I have an ugly vibracrete wall I want to hide, and this will be perfect!! The term espalier refers to the way fruit trees are trained to grow against a wall. It makes the tree easier to prune and the fruit easier to pick. This decorative method was often used traditional walled […]

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The Mighty Mugwood Tree

Well, the tree finally found itself into our front garden – the Mighty Mugwood tree. This work of art was the idea of my husband when he brought home two crates of metal mugs. He came up with the idea of a big tree. I was so enthusiastic with my hubby’s interest in the garden that I was immediately supportive and said the big old lavender can now move. Well, the rest […]

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New Lemon and Lime

The trees arrive ...

For the longest time my Darling Daughter has been asking me to plant a Lime tree. She uses limes in cooking, a lot. One of her specialities is Thai cooking. On a holiday to the Far East, she and her other half did a course in Thai cooking and on their return all sorts of previously not heard of ingredients found their way into my pantry and fridge as well as “limes” […]