I am so enjoying my back garden and the velocity of growth I see every day! It is amazing how everything is springing to action and the veggies are actually looking like something you can eat!! A huge growth from 5 days ago! The herbs are creeping over the patchwork patio and everyday I can pick mint for my lemon tea and thyme for my midday meal. The peaches are  causing havoc on the small peach tree and the quince tree is happy to show off her new fruit! My grass patch is amazingly green and soft like a velvet carpet and my hubby and I fall onto it after a hard days work!

Look at my lovely peaches – still small!

Quinces growing too

Blueberries are budding!

Bees still abound in the borage flowers


The raised beds are growing nicely – potatoes, beetroot, cabbage, parsley and spinach are looking good. The tomatoes are sadly taking their time and the broccolli will be a while still.

The potatoes are monstrous and looking healthy

The beet root is growing nicely and the greens are delicious

Assorted lettuces for summer salads

Lush and bountiful – soon a plate full of home growns


Loving my garden right now and will post some more photos tomorrow.


Happy gardening xxxx