After all those flowers for GBBD – I am wondering what is happening in my veggie patch. I have been busy so I haven’t had time to take any new photos this week, but I will do this coming weekend and keep you up-to-date! But heres what’s growing in my veggie patch and my new raised beds. Somethings are completely new for me. For instance potatoes! I have read up on them and I have purchased my “seeds” from Living Seed so I am very curious on what my garden will produce. So far so good – they are the biggest plants in my garden. Everything else seems slow to rise. The beet root is taking nicely and some tomato plants are looking good.  Have a look and see …..

My raised beds have Living Seeds planted in them

My Roma tomatoes are coming along

My first asparagus – I nearly missed it

More potatoes! These are Harmony Potatoes from Living Seeds

Celery is tall and green. Delicious and I use it for juices too.

My first baby assorted lettuce leaves

We are going to be fat potato heads after this crop! They better be good!


Well that’s all for now! I’ll write a more detailed update after the weekend.


Happy Gardening xxxxx