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Browse our directory of recommended products, services and books. As we try out new products and services we will blog about our findings in our blog posts and we will publish our favourites here. If you would like to recommend a product or sponsor a trial of your brand or product, get in touch with us via the Contact Page. We may consider it …


Gardening BooksGardening Books

Our first point of reference for anything to do with our gardens is usually the Internet. Do a search for anything related to gardening and you are sure to find hundreds if not thousands of valuable resources with plenty of advice. But we still love books so spend lots of time devouring all sorts of information from books we buy and share. Read more about the gardening books we read and enjoy here … Gardening Books[/one_half]


Garden Centres and NurseriesNurseries

We love to visit nurseries … many an afternoon we sneak off work to go and browse around a garden centre or nursery to get inspiration or to find a “special plant”. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we have our favourite nurseries. Those that have quality plants, good varieties and provide friendly service and advice we feature in this section. Read more about the nurseries we regularly frequent here … Nurseries & Garden Centres[/one_half_last]



Gardening is a huge learning curve! And an even bigger challenge is finding the right “product” to use for any given task. No matter how much care you take of your garden, the time will come when you need to fertilise or get rid of some nasty pest that’s eating something in your garden. We learn by trial and error and publish the results in our directory. Visit our lists of recommended products here …
Tried & Trusted Products[/one_half]


Gardening ServicesService Providers

Some tasks are just too much for us to handle and then we call the “experts”. From tree felling to landscaping and whatever else we may need along the way, we will publish information about the best of the best in this section. As we are based in Cape Town, South Africa, services featured here are specific to the Western Cape. Find out more about the service providers we trust and use here …
Service Providers[/one_half_last]


The Gardening Journal

When do you fertilise? When do you add mulch? What season do you plant what vegetable? The Gardening Journal is the perfect companion for gardeners who love journaling about their garden, for those who need to compile shopping lists, record planting dates, what grows where … and a whole lot more. The Journal includes useful places to add your info …
The Gardening Journal[/one_half]


Plant DirectoryPlant Directory

A Directory of plants we have in our gardens or plants we might like to plant one day. This is a growing directory of plants added to as we learn more about the different polants we grow in our gardens. It will take some time for us to enter all “our” plants into this directory. Happy reading, and we would love you to share “your” plants with us …
Plant Directory[/one_half_last]

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