We like to use products that are organic and safe in our gardens. Even better is when we can use recycled or home-made varieties that will not harm our “gardening companions (see about us to see who helps us in our gardens and why we need to be careful about what we spray and sprinkle around!) This page is a work in progress and we will be adding to it regularly as time goes by. Let us know if you have any great suggestions we can share on this page.

Products we use in our gardens …

Bounce Back from NEUTROG

BOUNCE BACK is chicken-manure based and the raw materials undergo an extensive composting process which stabilises the nutrients, maximising nutrient availability and ensures the product is free of any parasites, pathogens and weed seeds. Most importantly, the resulting product retains the microbiology necessary to provide a ‘living’ fertiliser, which feeds the soil slowly once applied. It does wonders in our gardens. There are other great products in the NEUTROG range, so do your garden a favour and try this really great product. Visit NEUTROG website at

The Real Rooibos Mulch

Close up of Rooibos MulchOrganic, Decorative, Naturally Aromatic. Extensive trials have been done in commercial nurseries, using rooibos tea as a mulching agent. Rooibos mulch forms a crusty layer on the soil after a few waterings. This layer reduces water loss through evaporation and is thus ideal for reducing stress on young transplants and contributes to considerable water saving in gardens and potplants. A 10 – 15% better growth was observed on young plants when using the rooibos mulch, a natural organic product that will not harm the environment. See my review and contact details here: Rooibos Mulch

The Magic Seeder

Magic SeederThe Magic Seeder is a new product in South Africa. It is a simple and efficient hand held seeder. It can cope with seeds up to 2mm in size. It is ideal for accurately sowing seeds in plug trays, pots or seed trays. It is also used by the Royal Horticultural Society. To order one visit the website at You can also see exactly how to use it! I see that the Gardening Magazine had an article on it! I think it should be for sale in EVERY Nursery and in every gardeners toolbox! I highly recommend it! What a nifty gadget!

The Gardening Journal

The Gardening JournalThe Gardening Journal is for those who enjoy keeping a record of their planting dates, what they have planted when, in which season, plant characteristics, their observations and more – a monthly blow-by-blow account of what’s happening in your garden. It isn’t easy, when faced with an ordinary jotter or exercise book, to regularly and consistently maintain a record. And whilst some people instinctively do this type of diary keeping, well, most of us default to endless lists and bits of paper. The Gardening Journal is a monthly blow-by-blow account of what’s happening in your garden. Website – Gardening Journal

Peppino Cement

Peppino CementMr G Zuccarini established the business in 1972 from where it grew from strength to strength. In 1978 he also started to produce Precast Decking Systems which was the first of its kind in South Africa. We have a great variety of Italian ornaments to choose from and in general we produce about 2700 variuos items. We cater for all needs and tastes, from builders and landscapers to the general public.Contact Peppino’s on Telephone 021 988-7471 or visit the website at

WithGarden Gardening Gloves

Groovey gardening glovesUltimate coating technology promises unparalleled grip performance. The technology already well recognized worldwide [for industry] now available for gardening to better handle your garden work. WithGarden offers two series: Soft n Care and Soft n Tough. Available with a wide range of color selections and size variations, WithGarden is suited for not only the gardening lovers, but people who enjoy outdoor life. Available at all good nurseries in South Africa. See my review here:  Gardening Gloves

Vegetable Planter

Veggie Planted completedI purchased a Veggie Planter from Home Organic to start growing our own herbs and vegetables. Home Organic takes you back to basics and provides all the tools, equipment and support necessary to successfully grow your own veggies and herbs at home. Regardless if you are a beginner gardener or already have the experience then we should have something to suit your needs and lifestyle. By growing your own veggies and herbs you can control the fertilisers and pesticides used ensuring your crops are organic and safe. See

Basic Organic Pesticide

Organic pesticideI have been using this in my garden, especially on my lemon tree, and it is working wonders. I know we both hate using these harsh chemical pesticides and with the help of Margret Roberts, I have been successful with this mix. Take a bucket (I’m not quite there yet with this huge quantity) of basil or any pungent strong herb. Pour 1 to 2 buckets of boiling water over this and leave to draw and cool overnight. Next morning, strain this and add 1/2 cup grated Sunlight Soap or Sunlight Soap powder – it is … Continued: Basic organic pesticide

Hadeco Bulbs

Hadeco BulbsHadeco offers over 200 bulb varieties in Southern Africa. Through ongoing research and field trials, they ensure that South African gardeners are offered a constantly growing choice of new varieties that are suited to our diverse climate. Hadeco is also committed to bringing our indigenous treasures to the gardening public. From humble beginnings, Hadeco has grown into one of the largest organisations of its kind in the world. For additional information about Hadeco Bulbs in South Africa see Hadeco Bulbs

Coffee grounds as fertiliser

Coffee grounds fertiliserLast week when I was moaning about the sad state of my gardenias I did some research online about caring for them and came across a video by some garden expert in the USA and he said “and don’t forget to sprinkle your old coffee grounds around the base, the Gardenias will thrive”. I thought I wasn’t hearing correctly … coffee grounds?? I replayed it a few times to make sure I was hearing right and then started googling “Coffee Grounds fertiliser”. Seems this has become a common practise with organic gardeners. In the … Continued here: Coffee grounds as fertiliser

Ludwig’s Insect Repellent

GardeniaLudwig’s Insect Spray is Authorised for use in organic agriculture by ECOCERT SA F-32600. Ludwig’s Insect Spray +Broad spectrum organic insecticide for the control of insects on edible crops, roses, herbs and ornamentals. Contains: garlic juice extract, canola oil, natural pyrethrum (pyrethrins). It works on ants, aphids, red spider mite, white fly, astylus beetle, chafer beetle, CMR beetle, Flower beetle, American bollworm, thrips, wood-eating termites. Available at all good Nurseries and Garden Centres in South Africa. See – “Gardenias and Insect Repellents

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