I like nicely manicured hands, who doesn’t? As a kid, I can remember getting into trouble for a lot of things relating to “hand grooming or un-grooming” practices. As a tot the incessant thumb-sucking drove my parents nuts, later on biting my nails caused plenty of reprimands and finally in my teens, unkempt hands would cause my Dad to raise his eyebrows in a way that I knew it would be much better to keep my hands hidden behind my back! You would think that at my current age I would no longer worry about parental approval, but for some reason I still do (those raised eyebrows … hoo boy!).

I’ve tried all sorts of gloves for gardening over the last few months. Ordinary rubber gloves were probably the most useless so I started buying so-called “gardening gloves”. I’d start the gardening day most enthusiastically with hands neatly covered in a new pair, only to throw them off 5 minutes later because they are just simply not comfortable or do not allow for normal hand operation in the garden. The result has been some seriously ungroomed, unkempt hands after months of “bare-hand” gardening. Seriously, its not been pretty!With a visit from my Dad coming up soon (he lives in the USA and will be visiting us in August), I’ve been having visions of having to keep my dirty fingernails hidden for two weeks in woollen gloves, pretending some sort of affliction that requires full hand bandages or standing like a child with hands hidden behind my back for the duration of his visit. Or, the alternative – dealing with those “raised eyebrows”!

In a last ditch effort to find a solution I spent about an hour perusing all the options at the local nursery. All sorts of gloves available … some I’ve tried before, others felt cumbersome and one last type I had not tried. Enter my “groovey gardening gloves”.

Groovey gardening gloves!Groovey gardening gloves

Still perfect after washingGroovey gardening gloves a few times

Yay! They are super comfortable! Double Yay! They let my hands breathe! Triple Yay! I can potter around in the garden for hours wearing these beauties WITHOUT wanting to rip them off my hands in disgust. And when I remove them? Clean Hands! I’ve been using them for three weeks now and no holes or breaks in them … meaning they might last long enough to warrant the expense of R62.95 per pair. Its looking positive and I will be able to show Dad my lovely garden without hiding my hands behind my back or having to deal with eyebrows that get raised.

These gloves are by With Garden™. The blurb on the pack says “Advanced Technology with Grip Excellence – Ultimate technology promises unparalleled grip performance”. They are machine washable, have a breathable back area, waterproof palm area, offer UV protection and the rubbery front part offers a great grip on whatever you are working with. They fit perfectly so they are very easy to work with.

What gardening gloves do you use? Would love to hear!