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Garden glove audition

Garden gloves

I enjoyed your amusing garden glove post you did yesterday so much that I wanted to follow it up with my garden glove trial. I have a rugged garden to contend with and a simple pair of gloves will not be enough. I have, most of my adult life, taken great care of my hands because the profession we were in (remember!) when in our 20s and 30s required good grooming. I don’t think [...]

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Groovey gardening gloves

Groovey gardening gloves

I like nicely manicured hands, who doesn’t? As a kid, I can remember getting into trouble for a lot of things relating to “hand grooming or un-grooming” practices. As a tot the incessant thumb-sucking drove my parents nuts, later on biting my nails caused plenty of reprimands and finally in my teens, unkempt hands would cause my Dad to raise his eyebrows in a way that I knew it would be much [...]