Springtime brings with it hope and big dreams and promises – with the garden full of colour and each plant growing 3cm each night while I am asleep, I have great plans of picking bunches of flowers for the home and gathering fabulous salad greens and baby potatoes from my veggie patch for summer lunches. I am missing my best friend and blogger buddy, Christine, this Blogger Bloom Day, but I hope to make her proud with all I have to show this GBBD post! There are so many plants and bulbs and flowers that she has given me that she is also part of this post. Hurry home…..

Thank you for joining us for our October “Spring colour” …

Here’s what’s blooming in Barbie’s garden in October 2011

I have seen the transformation of my garden and the love that both Christine and I have put into it – yes, I have a number of plants and Irises that come from Christine – so I can quite happily say that here is what is growing in my garden with Christine’s help this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!! Enjoy the burst of colour ….. xxxxx

The last of the Sparaxis

I love the colours against my celery

A pale California Poppy

Bright yellow too!

Splash of colour!

My vision of blue and yellow comes to life

Bright blue corn flower

My gaura coming to life – yeay!

They are going to be gorgeous with the roses

My first real camomile flowers ever!

Look Christine – I have Ixias blooming

The Ixias have such beautiful flowers and so unexpected!

The Lychnis has taken nicely to her new home

My “Auntie Henna” rose is full bloom

My borage is a bee hotel! Just loving it and delicious too!

A bright pink corn flower! I thought they were only blue

First quince blossom

Blossoms on my new apple tree (still a twig at the moment)

Armeria Maritima – White Thrift blooming

White thrift close up

Fuchsia is  amazing this year

Sisyrinchium Graminoides

My first rose display – how gorgeous!

My sage in bloom

There is so much more still in bloom, but I guess you have already seen my lavender and rosemary and my potato bush and lemon tree far too often. But I will leave that for another day!


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