Barbie, this post is especially for you to show you two new additions to the Brazilian Pepper in the back garden. Remember you commented last week that you’d hang things from the tree? Well I took that to heart and then I found this cute bird nectar feeder at the nursery and decided my birdies that wake me at 5 am every morning might make a bit less noise if they had something to drink back there 🙂

For the birds

Then I also moved the green “bird house” to the back because they never use it in the front. I don’t know why they don’t – it is still full of all the bird seed I originally put in it. Possibly because Dexter is always in the front garden? Or maybe they just didn’t like its position? We’ll see if they use it now. It would be splendid if they do!

For the birds

Hope you approve 🙂
What else should I hang in the tree?

Monday morning update – Just spotted a bird drinking from the feeder! Yay!

Happy Gardening