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Look who’s eating them apples

Rooibeksysie in the bird feeder

I put bird seed in the bird feeder and no-one came. Barbie suggested I add a few pieces of fruit – which I did, and a few days later all the fruit was gone. I never saw any birds go near the feeder. I replenished the apples and again, a few days later, all gone. The bird seed was getting less too, they were obviously eating it. Lather, rinse, repeat … On […]

Dec 28 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 6 comments

Rooibeksysie in the Pepper Tree

Common Waxbill

Today I spotted this cute bird in the Pepper Tree and was lucky enough to be sitting with the camera when it briefly perched in the tree, surveyed the scene and decided it was not safe to spend too much time hanging out. It hopped to another branch where it was briefly joined by two others and then they all took off. I assume that I only attract common garden birds to […]

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First visitors to the new Bird Feeder

And looking for his buddies

I hung the new bird feeder on Saturday after following the instructions that came with it and on Sunday I saw my first bird – although fleeting. I peeped through the window wondering whether any birds had been and there was one. He darted off very quickly though. Since then, I’ve looked a few times and believe it or not, every time I’ve seen a little visitor! What Joy! This afternoon I […]

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For the Birds …

For the birds

Barbie, this post is especially for you to show you two new additions to the Brazilian Pepper in the back garden. Remember you commented last week that you’d hang things from the tree? Well I took that to heart and then I found this cute bird nectar feeder at the nursery and decided my birdies that wake me at 5 am every morning might make a bit less noise if they had […]

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Birds a bathing

Every morning when I sit in my office, for about two hours I hear the non-stop chirping and tweeting of birds. They have three bird baths which are situated in the Water Feature (in the side garden) which they seem to like but I’ve noticed that they prefer the trees in the front garden (the Frangipani and Willow trees in particular). I recently added two free standing bird baths to the front […]