I hung the new bird feeder on Saturday after following the instructions that came with it and on Sunday I saw my first bird – although fleeting. I peeped through the window wondering whether any birds had been and there was one. He darted off very quickly though. Since then, I’ve looked a few times and believe it or not, every time I’ve seen a little visitor! What Joy!

Bird visitors

This afternoon I sat for a few moments (camera in hand) hopeful that I might get a photo and three arrived at once, a beautiful Sunbird that was chased away by this Witoogie. Witoogie then spent a few minutes sitting, drinking, looking around, drinking again and then off he went. (Click the photos to see the large versions).

Todays Visitor

Witoogie arrivesArrival

Witoogie drinksWitoogie drinks

Witoogie looks straight at meWitoogie looks straight at me

And looking for his buddiesAnd looking for his buddies

How cute was that?

The bird feeder came with instructions to add red food colouring the first time as it attracts the birds to the new feeder. Once your feeding station “becomes known” by the birds, you stop using the food colouring.

The feeder comes with two different “nozzles”. The short one (which I have on mine now) is for short-beaked birds. The longer one is for sunbirds and long beaked birds. As I witnessed, some of the short-beaked birds are bullies and will dominate the feeder so the answer is to have two – one for the Sunbirds and one for the others.

Now that I know it works and that the birds will use it I will get another.

Happy Gardening