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Look what I found whilst weeding!

Birds Nest

I’m sure for seasoned gardeners this is no big deal, but I was excited (and a bit dismayed) to find this little birds nest lying in my garden today whilst I was pulling out weeds. I was excited because it’s the first time I’ve found one (and it provided a great photo-op for the new macro lens) and because it tells me that the birds like living in my trees. On inspection, […]

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Mackaya Bella – Forest Bell Bush

Makhaya Bella

For a long time I’ve been trying to find out what one of the shrubs in my garden is. I’ve trawled through books and made assumptions and been wrong every time. The main reason its been so difficult for me to identify this shrub is, that is has never flowered as long as I’ve had this plant, so I was trying to identify it by its leaves only. Not an easy task […]

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New Fruit in my Garden

Guava Tree

I am so excited to see my guava tree (it looks like a bush at the moment!) is growing nicely. It was so badly diseased that I chopped it completely back. Now, it has broad, healthy leaves and a few new guavas!!! Hopefully I can boast a crop this year! Guavas is among the most popular of all fruits – they are full of vitamin C! It can be eaten raw or […]

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Lemon Tree Rescue

Clean lemon tree

I was trying to come up with a good Title for this post that would describe the nature of it at a glance and I couldn’t decide whether “Operation Lemon Tree” or “Lemon Tree Rescue” would be more appropriate. The gist of it is that my poor Lemon Tree has been under attack by black, green AND woolly aphids and other things I could not identify. Since January I’ve been trying to […]

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Angel’s Trumpet

Angel's Trumpet

I have this very large evergreen shrub in the back garden (I actually refer to as a tree because it is as tall as my Pepper tree). During my “Tree Identification Mission” I have now learnt that it’s botanical name is Brugmansia x Candida and its common name is Angel’s trumpet. It’s flower does indeed look trumpet-like, they are large (about a foot long) and obvious in the garden especially once they […]

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Cherry blossom?

Cherry Blossom?

I took this photograph today of the alleyway, just outside my office. I love this space, especially in spring when the tree is covered in tiny white flowers. I have no idea what type of tree it is an am assuming it is some type of cherry blossom because of all the tiny flowers that cover it in spring. In Autumn the leaves go orange and then red, fall off and in […]

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What tree is this?

What tree is this?

I just went and counted all the trees on the property – there are 33! 33 trees on a small to medium sized property … no wonder there is so much shade! It’s a medium sized property (depending on your perspective of course, to me its medium at 800 m²). Considering the house is of fair size, that’s really not a lot of space for 33 trees! But if I’m being completely […]

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Sweetgum Tree

My Sweetgum Tree

I am on a mission to identify all the trees I have in my garden and on my property. For a novice like me thats not an easy task because … well where do I start? I have taken photos and trawled through books and web sites and just when I think I have one, I see another photo and realise I might be wrong. So I am waiting for my tree-feller […]

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My hibiscus

I have two hibiscus shrubs (but they are more like trees). Both have obviously been here for many years as they are huge. I love these two shrubs because they are lovely to look at, always healthy and grow so rapidly that we have to keep cutting them back or they would take over completely. I’m a complete rookie at identifying plants and have made a few mistakes so far, but I […]

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The Willow Tree – then and now

Willow Tree after - January 2011

I have a huge Willow tree in my garden – as you open the front entrance to the property it is in fact the first thing you see. I have no idea how old it is – I’m assuming it’s pretty old because it is really large. I love willow trees – I think they are quite gorgeous, but this one does throw a lot of shade onto the front garden. I […]