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Oct 08 2012 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, | 8 comments

A look around

And the Lilies have started to flower

I’m really tired of the cold weather. Where is Spring? It’s almost mid October and my barometer tells me its 10°C or 50°F (I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it sure feels that cold). Yesterday was a lovely sunny day (sunny but not warm) and I took a walk around the garden and was surprised at how much is looking pretty despite the weird weather. I’m loving the Lilies again [...]

Nov 10 2011 by in 30 Day Challenge, Christine's garden, Gardening, | 4 comments

The 30 Day Challenge – Day 8

Asiatic Lily

Today I am grateful for being able to grow beautiful flowers I can cut from the garden and bring into my home. I’ve always loved having fresh flowers in a vase in my home … maybe more than one vase full at a time. Now that I am growing beautiful flowers in my own garden, cutting flowers to bring inside is something I do all the time and it gives me great [...]

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Loving the St Josephs Lilies

St Josephs Lilies

I love all the St Josephs Lilies I have flowering in the garden right now. My favourite bulb planting, the Asiatic and Longifolium Lilies have more than delivered and this little area of the garden is a mass of flowers. I had intended to cut these for indoor use but they look so stunning in the garden I can’t bring myself to to take the scissors to them. There are two Lilies [...]

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Lily Love

Salmon pink Asiatic Lily

What’s not to love about these lovely salmon pink Asiatic Lilies? They are easy to grow, thriving in a shaded position, putting on a splendid show now that the Azaleas having finished flowering. According to the books, Asiatic lilies are among the easiest to grow. They’re very hardy, need no staking, and are not particularly fussy about soil, as long as it drains well (although they do better if you add a [...]

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The first Asiatic Lily and other Joys of Spring

First Oriental Lily in bloom

“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom” – Terri Guillemets Plant, care, watch, wait, stand back and admire … repeat. How immensely satisfying it is to plant a bulb, seed or seedling and watch it develop and finally bloom. Had I known all this 30 years ago I may well have made very [...]

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I Heart Liliums ♥

Perfect Bloom

Liliums are on at the top of my favourite cut-flower list! Liliums and Dutch Irises to be exact, but St Josephs Lilies are easier to purchase here. Every two weeks throughout winter I hotfoot it to Woolies and buy two bunches of St Josephs Lilies for the very large vase which lives on the table as you enter my home (via the back entrance). The flower filled vase is also in my [...]