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Oct 29 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, Trees, | 5 comments

First lemon and lime

First Lemon on the Lemon tree

Remember my gorgeous new Lemon and Lime trees I planted in July? (you can see the post about them here). What a pleasure it was today to find the first ever fruit on my new Lemon tree! Both trees have been covered in blossoms for weeks already and today I found a good size fruit on the lemon tree. Both trees are covered with what I think is the beginnings of fruit […]

Jul 14 2011 by in Christine's garden, Gardening, Trees, | 29 comments

New Lemon and Lime

The trees arrive ...

For the longest time my Darling Daughter has been asking me to plant a Lime tree. She uses limes in cooking, a lot. One of her specialities is Thai cooking. On a holiday to the Far East, she and her other half did a course in Thai cooking and on their return all sorts of previously not heard of ingredients found their way into my pantry and fridge as well as “limes” […]