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Tree ID help

What tree is this?

I was lured out back today by endless chirping of birds and found, to my delight, that there is a new type of bird visiting my garden. Tiny little birds, hanging out and darting around on the huge Hibiscus. I tried to photograph them but they were too quick for me and once Dexter started running around and bringing me his ball to throw, they took off. The Dove however, not intimidated […]

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Up close and personal with the Pittosporum

Pittosporum Nigrescens

Yesterday I showed my new shrubs / trees, the three Pittosporums, which I’ve planted as screening in our back garden. Diana of Elephants Eye, my Blotanical Mentor and ‘Mom’ to Lady Aragon and M’sieur Chocolat, (go look, they are tooo cute!) asked me a question that I could not answer so I promised a follow up post. Usually these types of posts force me to research and learn something new and I […]

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Claiming back my privacy


With all the work that has been going on in our back garden (tree felling and french-drains being expanded) it upsets me terribly that from having a completely private back area, we are now seeing ugly walls and neighbours roofs! On the plus side we do have the view of our mountain back, but I prefer privacy. Not that they can look into our property – unless they stand on their roofs […]

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Tree work, blocked drains and mayhem


Sigh … a corner in my fledgling garden, planted only 10 months ago, is taking some serious strain this week. First of all we had the Arborist and his team here on Monday. What can I say other than that I now have plenty of sun light coming into the garden. I do hate how sparse everything looks right now, but it needed to be done, what with a neighbour threatening me […]

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Guavas and all

New Guavas

I think the garden is all about growth and life and new beginnings and nourishment for the body and soul. There should always be time to take a walk in the garden. To look at it through the eyes of a fellow garden plant. To see how all plants work together to give each other shade or nutrients or help ward off pesky pests or bring the welcomed insects. I look at […]

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The big Leopard Tree planting!

Bringing in the trees

Hi Chris, I know you are dying to see the beautiful trees I bought and that arrived this week! They are Leopard Trees or another name is Brazilian Ironwood (Caesalpinia Ferrea). They prefer full sun and are tender to frost. It is deciduous and waterwise (yeay!). One of the most attractive trees, its grey bark peels off to reveal dark brown underneath. Red foliage emerges in Spring which matures to fine, attractive, […]

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Birds a bathing

Every morning when I sit in my office, for about two hours I hear the non-stop chirping and tweeting of birds. They have three bird baths which are situated in the Water Feature (in the side garden) which they seem to like but I’ve noticed that they prefer the trees in the front garden (the Frangipani and Willow trees in particular). I recently added two free standing bird baths to the front […]

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Good, bad or just ugly?

I got a bit of a fright today when I was weeding in my back garden. In the very shaded area which I would classify as “deep shade” there stand a few trees. I’d recently had some branches pruned off them as well as had foliage cut back from trees that were threatening to break through our bedroom windows and had never examined the trees in any real detail before. They were […]

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My Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

I have to brag about my lemon tree that is looking FABULOUS! As you know, I have been nurturing this tree – pest control, fertilizing, deep watering, composting, mulching and pruning. And it has proven successful. Have a look at how green and lush it is and there are lots and lots of lemons! I have to admit though that the Nastirtium seeds you gave me I only now planted underneath it! […]

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My little guava tree

Guava Tree now

Hi Chris, just a quick update on my guava tree. It was looking so bushy, that I decided to give it a prune. Now it is looking like a tree. I have about 5 guavas on it! A small harvest, but I guess this little tree is only just recovering. It still only stands at about 1.5m high. I love guavas so hopefully in years to come we can make all sorts […]