Sigh … a corner in my fledgling garden, planted only 10 months ago, is taking some serious strain this week. First of all we had the Arborist and his team here on Monday. What can I say other than that I now have plenty of sun light coming into the garden. I do hate how sparse everything looks right now, but it needed to be done, what with a neighbour threatening me with lawyers letters because berries off my trees were blocking his pool filter and a general clean up needed anyway, we went the whole hog and they did a mass clean up. I have to compliment this team of tree fellers though – they did extensive work and were busy in every single garden area – I begged them to be careful with my plants and … they were! Only one little plant lost a side branch. How’s that for care? They worked fast and well and I was very impressed with them. I expected lots of trampled plants and all I could find was one minor thing that can’t even be considered a “plant casualty”. More like a light pruning. Whilst their work was outstanding, I do prefer full lush trees and hate the bare look and all the walls and neighbour roofs I can see now! But so be it.

But then on to the news story of my week. In my back garden we have this one very deep shade area that always seemed to me as if something was not quite right. Nothing grew particularly well (which I assumed was because of the shade) and it had a weird vibe about it. I can’t think of any other word to describe it other than “miff”. This is also the area where Willem (the Arborist) removed a tree that was growing into my bedroom windows and damaging foundation walls and I thought that might fix things. Then the rain came down and we discovered that we had some seriously blocked drains there. No drainage – something very blocked – almost like a quagmire back there. Enter the Plumber. Apparently a “French Drain” that lives underground, is totally blocked and needs to be dug up and enlarged so that the water can drain away properly. Result: One huge mess. Absolutely all the plants in that area have been dug up, there are huge piles of stone and soil and … well I am just not going to look at it again until they have finished the job or I am going to cry. And the worst thing is they won’t finish it today, it will take Monday as well, so I can’t even “fix” it this weekend.  I clearly will have to reaccess, redesign, replant and re-love that whole corner area once they finish.

So I started this post with a sigh and I end it with … another huge sigh!

Here the reason for my sighs:

What happened to the trees?Trees

Digging …Digging

Happy Gardening