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My Lemon Tree

Lemon TreeI have to brag about my lemon tree that is looking FABULOUS! As you know, I have been nurturing this tree – pest control, fertilizing, deep watering, composting, mulching and pruning. And it has proven successful. Have a look at how green and lush it is and there are lots and lots of lemons!

I have to admit though that the Nastirtium seeds you gave me I only now planted underneath it! It will prevent the¬†aphids from infesting the tree. I did spot a few leaves with these nasties starting again, but I immediately sprayed with my Biogrow Neem organic pesticide and they just fell off! I’m getting the hang of it and listening to the needs of my plants! Or, I guess, I know what to look for now!

Happy gardening xxxx

Healthy Lemon tree