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Good, bad or just ugly?

I got a bit of a fright today when I was weeding in my back garden. In the very shaded area which I would classify as “deep shade” there stand a few trees. I’d recently had some branches pruned off them as well as had foliage cut back from trees that were threatening to break through our bedroom windows and had never examined the trees in any real detail before. They were just there. Until today when I was removing weeds in this area and suddenly found myself staring at this …

Good, bad or ugly?

To be totally honest, I think its sort of beautiful. Interesting, different and alive. And I stood staring at it in awe for a while, took the photos and only after downloading them to my computer and really examining it in detail did it occur to me that this may not be interesting or beautiful at all, and that I might need to do something about it.

Is there something wrong with the tree? I’d really appreciate advice and opinions on this. Do I leave it and enjoy it or is it some horrible I have to deal with?

Happy gardening