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Shopping + gardening = happiness

Miscanthus sinesis giant variegata

Gardening is supposed to be therapeutic and I sure know that shopping usually makes me feel better, so a visit to the local nursery was what my “inner-doctor” ordered for today. And what a joy it was to find something I’ve been looking for forever! Miscanthus sinesis giant variegata was waiting for me – three of them sitting there (I always buy in threes). So of course they came home with me, […]

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Back to the garden

Oh ... another surprise!

An absent gardener, a good dose of rain and a few very hot, summery days and we have ground covers that are running rampant, shrubs are growing at breakneck speed, a standard rose produced two massive suckers from the root stem, annuals are in need of dead heading, slugs and snails have taken up residence in the lily and rose beds again, coriander and basil have bolted, crawlies have devoured the cabbages, […]

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Mid-spring in one garden for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day October

Springtime brings with it hope and big dreams and promises – with the garden full of colour and each plant growing 3cm each night while I am asleep, I have great plans of picking bunches of flowers for the home and gathering fabulous salad greens and baby potatoes from my veggie patch for summer lunches. I am missing my best friend and blogger buddy, Christine, this Blogger Bloom Day, but I hope […]

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Before and After

I have been watching the growth of my garden and, with the gentle prodding from our friends, I had to do this post to showcase the tremendous change that happened in my small part of the world in the short 6 months since I started my whirlwind, one-woman landscaping exploit. I will do each part separate: I have divided the garden into front, veggie patch (along the side), the fruit tree area […]

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How are my roses?

Thank you to Diana from Elephants Eye for reminding me to take lots of photos of my roses!!! I am waiting for them to give me a splendid display! I should be able to post it tomorrow too! I have been nipping some the new shoots to encourage growth and using my home-made bug spray on the aphids who think they can stay …..! Just read a really nice article on Roses […]

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Going Green

I had taken a number of photographs towards the end of September because my garden is bursting with green. I don’t know if you remember, but I used Blade Runner on my lawn at the end of July. Julie, from Neutrog, kindly sponsored some samples and all I can say is WOW! I am very impressed! I am so impressed with the look of my lawn – it has never been so […]

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Miss you

I miss your posts and the laughter in your garden… I miss the way you hug your plants… I miss the birds, the blommies and even your moles… I miss the fun in your voice when you blog about Dex and Hercules… but most of all I miss you! Here are the first batch of irises I have dedicated. xxxxxx    

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At last Makhaya Bella flowers

Makhaya Bella flowers at long last

In February I wrote a post about a large shrub I have in my garden called Makhaya Bella. A South African native, according to this plant occurs nowhere else in the world except in Southern Africa. I’ve had the shrub for just over two years now. Its grown fabulously well in a rather dark corner (they like shade). I’ve nursed it from a tiny plant to a dense shrub that reaches […]

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My favourite ground cover flowers unexpectedly

Lamium maculatum "Beacon Silver"

My favourite ground cover for shade is Lamium. I love the texture of the leaves (soft and a little furry), I love the colouring and I love how undemanding it is. Unlike other ground covers (for shade) that I’ve tried before, Lamium keeps itself neat and tidy. Regardless of the weather it always looks perky and fresh and as well as it does in shade, it also does well in the sunny […]

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Garden Bloggers Foliage Day

Festuca Glauca, Acorus and Lamium

Another post I’m late with – I’m joining Christina of Creating my own garden of the Hesperides in her new monthly Garden Bloggers Foliage Day which takes place on the 22nd of every month. As I also took part in Foliage Follow-up on the 15th, I found it a bit difficult to do another post about foliage so soon after, without being totally repetitive. That is, until I had the bright idea […]