Thank you to Diana from Elephants Eye for reminding me to take lots of photos of my roses!!! I am waiting for them to give me a splendid display! I should be able to post it tomorrow too! I have been nipping some the new shoots to encourage growth and using my home-made bug spray on the aphids who think they can stay …..!

Just read a really nice article on Roses in one of my favourite gardening mags:

Rose grooming and growing

  • Roses are queen of the October garden
  • They need at least 6 hours of sunshine a day
  • Roses can flower up to 10 months in a year
  • They need 10 litres of water a week
  • Fertilize monthly during summer
  • August to April use organic pesticides for thrips, red spider mite, aphids and beetles
  • Dead head regularly to encourage new floweing
  • Winter prune at the end of July (this is only for our Southern Hemisphere gardening friends)
  • Groom in January!
Happy Gardening xxxx
PS: I miss Christine too xx