Gardening is supposed to be therapeutic and I sure know that shopping usually makes me feel better, so a visit to the local nursery was what my “inner-doctor” ordered for today. And what a joy it was to find something I’ve been looking for forever! Miscanthus sinesis giant variegata was waiting for me – three of them sitting there (I always buy in threes). So of course they came home with me, no hesitation, lovely healthy looking specimens. I couldn’t resist a few extra finds …

Now all I have to do is finish the “big clean-up“, dig some holes and in they’ll go.

My newest acquisitions

Miscanthus sinesis giant variegataMiscanthus sinesis giant variegata

Imperata Red Baron (Thank you Barbie!)Imperata Red Baron (Thank you Barbie!)

Miscanthus sinesis Zebrinus – dittoMiscanthus sinesis Zebrinus

Dusty Miller – I love thisDusty Miller - I love this

Inspection of the new acquisitionsInspection of the new acquisitions

Great! My purchases have been approved!Great! My purchases have been approved!

Yes, I think I am actually starting to feel just a little bit better. Just goes to show … Shopping + gardening = happier.

Now, if the sun would just shine …

Happy gardening