An absent gardener, a good dose of rain and a few very hot, summery days and we have ground covers that are running rampant, shrubs are growing at breakneck speed, a standard rose produced two massive suckers from the root stem, annuals are in need of dead heading, slugs and snails have taken up residence in the lily and rose beds again, coriander and basil have bolted, crawlies have devoured the cabbages, something has attacked the Gardenias, weeds are going crazy … and the list goes on. After being away for two weeks and having a few other things on my mind both before and after, my garden has been neglected for the last four weeks.

It is time for me to get back into the garden, to reconnect with the earth and hopefully, digging in the dirt will be therapeutic and good for the soul …

The mess I’m in …

Shrubs need pruningShrubs a shrubbing

Seedlings need attentionSeedlings need attention

What’s happening here?What's happening here?

Annuals need dead-headingAnnuals need dead-heading

This is pretty, a field of LiliesThis is pretty, a field of Lilies

More goodness, cherry tomatoesMore goodness, baby tomatoes

We also want attention!We also want attention!

Oh dear! What ate the cabbage?Oh dear! What ate the cabbage?

Oh … another surprise!Oh ... another surprise!

Lawn needs weeding!Lawn needs weeding!

Its a thug! Ground cover runs wildIts a thug! Ground cover runs wild

Not just weeds, it needs mowing tooNot just weeds, it needs mowing too

Yay! The Hydrangea is back!Yay! The Hydrangea is back!

But the tulips are goneBut the tulips are gone

Thats just a very small sample f what’s going on in my garden, so if I go quiet again, you’ll know what I’m doing … cleaning, planting, healing …

Happy Gardening