Another post I’m late with – I’m joining Christina of Creating my own garden of the Hesperides in her new monthly Garden Bloggers Foliage Day which takes place on the 22nd of every month. As I also took part in Foliage Follow-up on the 15th, I found it a bit difficult to do another post about foliage so soon after, without being totally repetitive. That is, until I had the bright idea of showing my current favourite foliage combinations for this post.

Let me preface this post by reminding all that I am a very new gardener and am learning by reading, observation, trial and error. These combinations I am showing here are my own experimentation where I am playing around with colour, texture and form. They work for me … right now. Perhaps I will look back in a year and cringe, perhaps not, time will tell.

I have a few books I have found most beneficial when considering plant combinations and that have changed the way I garden. Two in particular … the first is “Foliage” by Nancy Ondra which I bought on the recommendation of Cathy & Steve of Our Garden Journal. The book opened my eyes to what can be accomplished in the garden without ever considering the flowering potential of a plant. I love this way of gardening as it creates a garden which always looks wonderful, regardless of the season. The second book, which I am absorbed in right now, is “Designing with Grasses” by Neil Lucas. I  love ornamental grasses and am on a hunt for a few that will add more interest in my garden. I’m off to buy Miscanthus sinesis “Variegatum” next week. I can’t wait to add this to my garden and have the perfect place for it.

For today, these are my current favourite combinations (Click images to enlarge)

Festuca Glauca, Acorus and LamiumFestuca Glauca, Acorus and Lamium

Festuca Scoparia and DurantaFestuca Glauca, Acorus and Lamium

Chondropetalum tectorum and NandinaCape Thatching Reed and Nandina pygmaea

Pittosporum eugenioides & DietesPittosporum eugenioides ‘Variegata’ & Dietes

A mix of foliage I loveA mix of foliage I love

Iris, Acorus gramineus and Catnip , i mean furIris, Acorus and Cat nip ... er, cat fur

These are just a few select combinations I’ve been working on very recently. Im really loving the combination of photo 4 – the Pittosporum eugenioides ‘Variegata’ with the tall strappy Dietes in front of it and the Delphiniums peeping through … I can stare at it all day. I think the lovely bark of the tree right next to it all enhances the scene of course.

I have a long way to go and right now its all about finding the right plants – sometimes it means waiting for the plant to become available or driving way out of town to a specialist nursery to get it … but its so worth while when it all works.

Happy Gardening