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Lovely ornamental grass finds its niche

Panicum Vergatum "Shenandoah"

I thought if I bought a nice ornamental grass and planted it, that my current obsession with grasses would subside a bit – but all that is happening is that I want more! Such a pity that most require a lot of sun or I would be hotfooting it off to the nurseries to buy every pretty grass I can find. What I love about grasses is the many different textures, colours, […]

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New Winter Bulbs

Hadeco Bulbs

Hi Barbie – Thanks for taking me to Cape Garden Centre Nursery today – I won’t say too much about our visit because I know you want to do a review, but I thought I’d show my “stash” of newly purchased winter bulbs. I am thrilled with my purchases although I was a bit dissapointed with the lack of accessoiries available at the nursery. I was expecting to be able to get […]

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What’s flowering in my garden

Dietes bicolor

Today I thought I’d share with you what is still flowering in my garden. As we are nearing the end of summer I didn’t expect to have that much to show you until I stepped outside and started clicking away. The usual suspects are still flowering (read: annuals) and a few summer bloomers are showing their last flowers. Some new kids on the block (planted out last weekend) surprised me with their […]

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Scaevola Aussie Salute

Scaevola Aussie Salute

Hi Barbs, I’ve had a very long day – I’ve had so much work to do which meant I had no time to even venture into the garden. Apart from a quick glance at my now thriving new Tomato and basil plants, its been work, work and more work. And now I need to unwind a bit so thought I’d tell you a little about the plant you admired when you were […]

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Root bound Agapanthus

Root bound Agapanthus

Today was the day I finally decided to plant my new Aggies out into the back garden with the others. I bought two Agapanthus “New Blue” on the 15th January and I’ve had them standing in a pot outside my office. They’ve been flowering profusely since I got them, and still are. (I often buy plants and then  spend quite a long time deciding where to plant them, moving them around the […]

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Lavender replacement

Replacement Lavender Dentata

I had to replace the Lavender plant that I removed because of the mildew (photos and blogs here and here). The Lavender that was planted here in August last year is “Lavender Dentata”, commonly known as French Lavender, which is an evergreen shrub native to Eastern and Southern Spain (I guess thats why its often called Spanish Lavender?) The gray-tomentose leaves are linear-oblong and crenately toothed. Plants will reach from 0.3-0.9 m […]