Today I thought I’d share with you what is still flowering in my garden. As we are nearing the end of summer I didn’t expect to have that much to show you until I stepped outside and started clicking away. The usual suspects are still flowering (read: annuals) and a few summer bloomers are showing their last flowers. Some new kids on the block (planted out last weekend) surprised me with their new blooms but the biggest surprise is the tomato plant you gave me! It has two teeny little flowers. (You understand of course that this tomato plant is my very first attempt at growing a vegetable, so finding a flower on it was a huge surprise!).

So here is my gallery of “A Friday of Flowers” …

Dietes bicolourDietes bicolor


Tulbaghia ViolaceaTulbaghia violacea

Predictable PetuniasPetunias


New kid on the blockNew kid on the block*

Mandevilla SplenensMandevilla Splenens

Newly planted Begonias

Scaevola Aussie SaluteScaevola Aussie Salute

My flowering Tomato!My flowering Tomato!

More Sweet WilliamMore Sweet William

Potato VinePotato Vine

Last flowering AgapanthusAgapanthus



New indigenous ground coverNew ground cover

Star JasmineStar Jasmine

I don’t know the name**Unknown

My favourite flower at the moment is the Mandevilla Splenens, I love the Scaevola and Hibiscus … but the biggest thrill today was the Tomato!

I hope you like my “Friday Flower Post” – What’s flowering in yours?

Happy Gardening

* Duranta Sapphire Showers™
** Lobelia (thanks Alistair!)