Unpacked and in placeThe new veggie planter

“Irrigation system”The new veggie planter

I didn’t make it to the nursery today – too many things going on at work – but we did manage to unpack the box and set up the new veggie planter. So what was in the box?

  • the wooden box
  • 4 plastic ‘baskets’ with drainage holes (for planting)
  • 3 irrigation stems
  • irrigation pipe
  • irrigation timer
  • some hose fittings
  • batteries
  • some very basic (read: stupid) instructions

I had someone help me unpack the big parcel, we carried the wooden box to its intended “spot” and then I tried to set up the irrigation pipes and stems. Well, clearly I am way too stupid for this because I had to get my daughter to help me. I felt a bit better when she agreed that the instructions were inadequate and we had it all set up by pushing, pulling and forcing! The baskets are in, now all that’s left to do is to connect the irrigation timer and connect it to the water. Then I need to populate it with vegetables and herbs … which I will buy tomorrow and plant over the weekend.

Oh, and anyone that knows me well will know that I’m not a huge fan of the very rustic look so this wooden box will be getting a lick of paint one of these days. I’m thinking white but maybe french blue although that would clash terribly with the green plastic baskets.  I’m wondering if I can find white baskets in the exact same size…

PS: In fairness to the “stupid instructions”, I am not the most patient of people and I expect things to slot into place quickly and easily (like Lego!). Truth be told, the whole set up took about 15 minutes, so maybe the instructions are not that bad after all.

Happy gardening

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