Veggie PlanterHi Barbs, Great excitement, the veggie planter I ordered from Home Organics  last week has arrived!

The planter arrived whilst I was out today and by the time I got home it was too late to do anything other than take a photo or two, rip it open to see whats involved in setting it all up and then making a list of what I’m going to get tomorrow to get it all started.

First off let me say that the service was fantastic! I found them online a while back, then read about them again in this months issue of The Gardener Magazine and I was sold. I ordered it online from Home Organics on Thursday, paid on Friday and it arrived from Durban today. I’ve opened the box – inside are some very basic instructions, the simple automatic watering sprinkler system, the 4 baskets that fit into the planter and that’s it.

Tomorrow I’m off to get potting soil (the specially prepared type from Ferndale for vegetable planters), and vegetable seedlings! Then its will be time to set up and plant!

Very exciting. Will keep you posted!