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Root bound Agapanthus

[one_half]Aggie released from the potAggies ready for planting[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Root bound AgapanthusRoot bound Agapanthus[/one_half_last]

Today was the day I finally decided to plant my new Aggies out into the back garden with the others. I bought two Agapanthus “New Blue” on the 15th January and I’ve had them standing in a pot outside my office. They’ve been flowering profusely since I got them, and still are. (I often buy plants and thenĀ  spend quite a long time deciding where to plant them, moving them around the garden in their pots until I find a good spot … then I plant). As I cut open the pots today I discovered that they were VERY root bound … I’ve never actually seen a plant quite this root bound before and I was quite shocked, so ran to get my camera so I could show you.

I’ve just “googled” this and found out that to get Agapanthus to flower, you should “overcrowd” them or if they are in containers, let them get root bound as this causes them to flower. No wonder mine have been flowering for 6 weeks without letting up! I guess now the roots will have lots of room to spread out the flowering will end.

As I have a ton of work to do for the business this weekend I got all my weeding and planting done early this evening. Begonias, ground covers, lavender, impatiens all planted.

Have a lovely gardening weekend