Replacement Lavender DentataI had to replace the Lavender plant that I removed because of the mildew (photos and blogs here and here). The Lavender that was planted here in August last year is “Lavender Dentata”, commonly known as French Lavender, which is an evergreen shrub native to Eastern and Southern Spain (I guess thats why its often called Spanish Lavender?) The gray-tomentose leaves are linear-oblong and crenately toothed. Plants will reach from 0.3-0.9 m tall and wide. Although this lavender is not used for culinary uses, it does have a nice clean aroma to it.

I remember when they were planted in August they were all about the size of this new little one – so its actually very rewarding to see how much they’ve grown in the last few months. I planted this one on Sunday early evening. So far it looks good.

Happy gardening