I had taken a number of photographs towards the end of September because my garden is bursting with green. I don’t know if you remember, but I used Blade Runner on my lawn at the end of July. Julie, from Neutrog, kindly sponsored some samples and all I can say is WOW! I am very impressed!

I am so impressed with the look of my lawn – it has never been so lush. I have struggled with a patchy, brown lawn in my front garden for years. No help with the chickens scratching it all up. So, I decided to lock them out and really look after the lawn. But still, no real results. Until I used Blade Runner. It has made the world of difference! I have also noticed that the fruit trees are also healthy and green and dense with leaves!

Front lawn – looking lush!

Lawn near the grass feature

Going green!

I love all this green!

My new Camomile plant!

New peaches! Still green

Blueberry blush!

Loquat tree

My new Hanepoot grape vine

Lush clover – green gold!

I’m loving my garden at the moment. So much promise to come


Happy gardening xxx