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Foliage Follow Up in November

Foliage Follow Up

The past few months I’ve become quite obsessed with the foliage in my garden. I’ve been concentrating on the look of plants and their foliage (rather than the blooms) and I’ve acquired a number of new plants bought purely for their lovely foliage or for the way they will look in the garden when combined with my existing plants. I think my favourite new acquisition is Festuca glauca which I first admired […]

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Diary of the Switch Grass

Panicum virgatum "Shenandoah"

I love the grasses Ive planted in my garden these last few months and am looking forward to watching them grow. My first “grass purchase” was earlier this year, in March, when I bought the Panicum virgatum “Shenandoah”, (also known as Red Switch Grass or Shenandoah Switch Grass) and planted into a container. I have lots of sedge growing in my garden, Carex evergold, which has really come into its own this […]

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Another favourite Native

Dietes Grandiflora

Another favourite indigenous (native) plant I have in my garden is Dietes or “wild Iris”. Perennial, evergreen plants which grow in large clumps, I have Dietes Grandiflora and Dietes Bicolor. Both are super easy to grow and care for, devoid it seems, of any attack by bugs and disease. I love the spikey upright foliage that remains a feature in the garden throughout the year and the flowers in spring and summer […]

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Ferns of Southern Africa – a Book Review

A beautiful book

Ferns of Southern Africa – A Comprehensive Guide, is a newly published book I was invited to review. With some trepidation I started to read the 776 page guide even though I removed every single fern from my garden just a year ago. I wondered whether the book could convince to try ferns again – after all, I’ve heard ferns thrive in shade and I’m always looking for good shade plants … […]

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Abutilon cutting and buds

Hmm, I see the aphids like it too

A few months ago a friend of mine (the one with this wonderful garden) gave me a cutting of his Abutilon (Chinese lantern, flowering maple) which I had admired. I kept the cutting in the pot he gave it to me in for a couple of weeks / months and finally at the beginning of spring I planted it out into the garden as a tiny little plant. I’ve been watching it […]

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The Rookie Rose Grower

Beautiful Iceberg rose

My first roses which I planted were three Iceberg standard roses. I blogged about them when they first started blooming here and of course when they were first planted in March this year here. They’ve produced lovely blooms throughout the year but I’ve never been overly impressed with the actual plants since day one. They were not particularly good looking specimens, but once they were in the garden they were mine and […]

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White Petunias

‘Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas’ ~ Elizabeth Murray I’ve been a bit disappointed in my late Spring garden because I couldn’t really see anything flowering. After the cacophony of colour in September, everything looks very green at the moment and then I realised what the problem is. I have way too much “white”! Why do I do that? Every […]

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Loving the St Josephs Lilies

St Josephs Lilies

I love all the St Josephs Lilies I have flowering in the garden right now. My favourite bulb planting, the Asiatic and Longifolium Lilies have more than delivered and this little area of the garden is a mass of flowers. I had intended to cut these for indoor use but they look so stunning in the garden I can’t bring myself to to take the scissors to them. There are two Lilies […]

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Dutch Irises no cigar

Dutch Iris

One of my favourite cut flowers which I often buy for the house are Dutch Irises. I planted about a hundred Dutch Iris bulbs this year in the hopes of having a wonderful display in my garden. Planted below the Beech tree I thought it would be a lovely “story”, at the top half of my back garden. Well … the results were mixed. At first I disliked the foliage which came […]

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Backgarden joy

I am so enjoying my back garden and the velocity of growth I see every day! It is amazing how everything is springing to action and the veggies are actually looking like something you can eat!! A huge growth from 5 days ago! The herbs are creeping over the patchwork patio and everyday I can pick mint for my lemon tea and thyme for my midday meal. The peaches are  causing havoc […]