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Non-plant garden things and some non-garden plant things

Non plant Bird Bath

Hi Barbie – your post about Non-plant Garden Things you did last week motivated me look around the garden and see what photo-worthy “Non-Plant garden things” I have. I have a few but I don’t have as many as I would really like. Right now I’m dreaming of a statue for my deep-shade garden, maybe a fair maiden carrying a water jug, surrounded by some lovely ferns and moss, a few lillies […]

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The great big gardening makeover!


Hi Chris, I have been so busy with work and stuff this past week, I hardly had a moment free! So now I have to catch up on all my posts I have been saving up! I am so inspired and excited to let you in on my BIG gardening makeover. After our trip to Elgin I have been reading and researching on grasses and paths and designs and permiculture. I am […]

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A Garden Pathway


Hi Barbie – this one is especially for you. Here are the photographs of the garden path you asked me to take at Fairholme Nursery in Elgin on Wednesday. I love this look too and am seriously considering doing something like this in my back garden. The lawn I have there is not really doing it for me anymore and it guzzles huge amount of water to keep it looking even half-way […]

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Plan for the front patch


Hi Chris, Your suggestion about adding grasses into my front patch has really got me thinking. I’m going to totally revamp this old lavender patch – shame, they have had a good 4 years. So – I am going to pull all that out and start fresh! I sat having a coffee and sketched out, more or less, what I see for this front section. I have the dry river bed effect […]

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The Gardening Blog gets a Logo

The Gardening Blog Logo

The lovely and talented Kristen of Scarlett Design has designed a logo for us here at The Gardening Blog… we hope you like! We’re very proud of our new logo. Why do we need one? We don’t really n e e d a logo but we thought it would be nice to have one anyway. If you need a logo designed for your blog or business contact Kristen Barret at Scarlett Design. […]

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The Magic Seeder

Magic Seeder

Hi my friend. I had the chance to test the Magic Seeder you bought for me – and what a GREAT product! You know how I find the whole process of sowing the seeds and then having to separate the seedlings quite difficult ….. when they are so delicate. I also tend to put too many seeds down and when they grow, the mass of seedlings are too compact, reason for the […]

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Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

Water Lily at Stellenbosch Botanical Garden

A dear friend of mine, Wanda of the award-winning South African Eco-directory and blog, Urban Sprout, sent me these photographs she took on a recent visit to the Stellenbosch Botanical Garden. She has very kindly said I may use the photos here on the blog to show our non-South Africa friends this very small but gorgeous garden tucked away in the second oldest town in the Cape. As I was born in […]

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Unusual Planters

Unusual Planters

I love creative gardening – you know, when people do creative things in their gardens with plants and planting vessels. Like these two old boats filled with vegetable plants and the other with Nasturtiums. A friend of mine was in the little fishing village of Paternoster on the Cape West Coast recently and they stopped off for coffee at a little place called “Oep vir Koep”. (For our non-South African readers, “oep […]

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The DIY Planter

DIY Planter

Here is the Planter you gave me for my birthday. I just love it! It works beautifully and I so love this that I am going to make more for the garden – they are simple to put together. And now that you have given me your dimensions, we are going to be busy building a whole lot of them. They are waist high, so you have an easy reach when you […]

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The Nogg Urban Chicken Coop

Nogg Chicken Coop

I just stumbled across this Urban Chicken Coop by Nogg and thought you might like this. If I was going to have chickens (would love to, but Dexter & Hercules … well, you know!) I would so get me one of these for them to live in. How cool and stylish is this?? The blurb goes … A stylish & sculptural piece of garden furniture with breakfast thrown in! Here is a […]