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Dec 05 2011 by in Barbie's garden, Christine's garden, Design, Do it yourself, Gardening, Miscellaneous, Products, | 11 comments

The Gardening Journal in the News

It has been such a fun year getting our project  – The Gardening Journal  – from an idea to a published book! The layout and the designing! The printing and its own great website! It has been just as fun using it while planning our gardens month-by-month – watching what grows! Up until now, The Gardening Journal has been really only given to friends and family to use and recommend. Then we […]

Apr 04 2011 by in Barbie's garden, Christine's garden, Gardening, Miscellaneous, Products, | 10 comments

The new Gardening Journal

The Garden Journal 2

We have to show you all our new addition to the Gardening Blog. Because we are still new to this gardening phenomena, we really needed somewhere to write all the stuff we had to remember and all the chores we need to do.  All the bits of paper we scribble on wasn’t practical because now you need a folder of sorts. So that doesn’t really work – you need something portable and […]

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The Gardening Blog gets a Logo

The Gardening Blog Logo

The lovely and talented Kristen of Scarlett Design has designed a logo for us here at The Gardening Blog… we hope you like! We’re very proud of our new logo. Why do we need one? We don’t really n e e d a logo but we thought it would be nice to have one anyway. If you need a logo designed for your blog or business contact Kristen Barret at Scarlett Design. […]