We have to show you all our new addition to the Gardening Blog. Because we are still new to this gardening phenomena, we really needed somewhere to write all the stuff we had to remember and all the chores we need to do.  All the bits of paper we scribble on wasn’t practical because now you need a folder of sorts. So that doesn’t really work – you need something portable and compact.  Like a paperback book!  We could not find a  gardening journal ANYWHERE that we could say was easy-to-use and practical. We hunted around and decided – hey, why don’t we create our OWN gardening  journal. So, through New Voices Publishing, we have published our own book – THE GARDENING JOURNAL and here we share it with you!

The Garen Journal

The Garden Journal 2

It is full of places to draw, make notes, create shopping lists, add gardening chores, write reviews and nursery contact  information and also write down your research on what plants you like and what to plant in your garden – all on a monthy basis.  It is with me all the time!! Everything that I want to jot down or refer to is right here, in my journal!!

Title: The Gardening Journal
ISBN: 978-1-920411-58-9
Authors: Christine Searle and Barbara Mueller of The Gardening Blog
Cover design: Kristen Barrett of ScarlettDesign
Price: TBA

It is such a useful tool for any gardener who is serious about gardening! It is beautiful and compact and a must have!

We are going to make it available soon!