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Unusual Planters

I love creative gardening – you know, when people do creative things in their gardens with plants and planting vessels. Like these two old boats filled with vegetable plants and the other with Nasturtiums. A friend of mine was in the little fishing village of Paternoster on the Cape West Coast recently and they stopped off for coffee at a little place called “Oep vir Koep”. (For our non-South African readers, “oep vir koep” literally translated that means “open for buying”). Its a very quaint little place and popular because of its uniqueness. Here you can buy local delicacies such as fig preserve, snoek, bokkoms, koeksusters (a sweet pastry) and other local brands.

I would love to get something really unique and different to place somewhere in my garden … maybe an antique wheelbarrow overflowing with some pretty flowers!


Boat with Veggies

Boat with Vegetables[/one_half]


Boat with Nasturtiums