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Final Assignment for the Garden Design Course

Assignment 4

My final assignment of the Garden Design Course and I’m left hanging for more! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about garden design and feel I’ve only touched on it ever so slightly. I might at a later stage invest in doing a longer, more thorough course in garden design. Not because I want to become a garden designer, far from it – dabbling around in my own garden is enough for me – […]

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Pretty gum boots

Oh Chris! Look what I found!!! I was at Pick ‘n Pay at TygerValley this week and I found these gorgeous gumboots in the clothing section!! I just fell in love with these – I LOVE Barbie Dolls, so it was a perfect match for me! I want to buy you a pair – they also had Hello Kitty and Tweety Bird! I always use my gum boots and the black ones […]

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My Gardening Course – this weeks lecture and assignment

Course Assignment

In the continuing story of the Garden Design Course I’ve been doing through My Garden School, last week (which I told you about here) we learnt about Colour and Design Principles and this week was all about The Role of Plants in the Planting Scheme. I’m learning a lot. But I have to say that I am  surprised by how much I actually already know. After the first weeks lecture I felt […]

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Mulch mania!

Apricot floor

Wow – Chris! I am so impressed with your garden and how the apricot kernel mulch can instantly brighten the garden and neaten up corners and small patches! I was just as enthusiastic as you in getting it into my garden yesterday! I thought I would have to work all afternoon to add 20 bags to the edging around the veggie patch!! I am so thrilled with the result and the hardest […]

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Buckets of Lavender

Lavender buckets

Hi Chris, I wanted to post this pic of my three buckets I bought from a second-hand shop weeks ago. I decided to go for lavender – yes, lavender. I love the old fashioned look of galvanized buckets and you know I love lavender, and I saw this idea in a design magazine and …… well, the rest is obvious. It is so much fun to play around with designs and recycling old […]

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Additional grasses

Deschampsia Caespitosa

When I started with the layout of my grass feature, I knew that I would have a few gaps where I could add some low ground cover. So off I went (again!) to the nursery and assembled a few new grasses to add to my collection. I wanted to share these with you, seeing I took some photo’s of them this week. I also found out that these grasses actually came from […]

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Dry bed vs water feature

Water feature 2

It looks like my dry river bed has become an instant water feature! It rained heavily the night before so the following morning the garden looked surprizingly clean and fresh and to my surprise I had an instant water feature. The frogs were going nuts and it made me smile! So it looks like the summer dry bed will be a winter water feature. I’m not complaining – and neither are the frogs! It […]

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Grass Feature – Part 2

Grass feature finished

I have finally finished! Whew! It has been a gruelling 2 days hard labour – my back is in spasms and my left hand middle finger is swollen and sore! But all the aches and pains aside – it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. All the excitment when putting pen to paper and actually seeing  it come to life! From the adventure we took to Elgin Valley to buy the […]

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Grass Feature – Part 1

Grass Patch

Hi Chris, I wanted to upload a completed Grass Feature post, but this is not to be – yet! I was so convinced it would take me a few hours on Good Friday morning to get it looking ‘mooi’ but it is Saturday evening and I’m STILL not finished. So here was yesterday’s big graft! I had to drop my tools at 6pm when the sun was setting and it was starting […]

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My Grass Feature


I am impatiently waiting to tackle my Grass Feature in my front garden. It is now a clear patch – I had to remove all the stones I had placed for my ‘dry river bed’ feature, because we had to dig this weekend two big holes for our two Leopard trees. I never thought it was going to be such mission. The ground was rock hard and impossible to penetrate. We had to […]