New water featureIt looks like my dry river bed has become an instant water feature! It rained heavily the night before so the following morning the garden looked surprizingly clean and fresh and to my surprise I had an instant water feature. The frogs were going nuts and it made me smile! So it looks like the summer dry bed will be a winter water feature. I’m not complaining – and neither are the frogs! It was a suggestion in the designing phase to add a water feature here, but as I was trying to create a waterwise grass garden bed, I did not want to spend oodles of money on pumps and electricity and water and filters…. so my dry river bed was the ideal solution. And – hey! Presto! Nature brought me a water feature. I am so enjoying my new addition to my garden. It is such a hit with the neighbours! I do detect a bit of jealousy though! :-)

Hope you have a great gardening week ahead!


Water feature 2