There is lots of new growth in my garden but sadly, no exciting blooms. The wetter, colder weather has produced masses of lush green growth but there is very little “bloom-worthy” going on in the garden. We’re mulching, composting, weeding and generally just dreaming up new ideas for the future Spring Garden and enjoying the Camellias at the moment. And spending time visiting the garden blogs of our friends the Northern Hemisphere to get my “flower fix”.

Here are the few bloomers in my garden at the end of April …

Mona LavenderMona Lavender

Marigolds in veggie patchMarigolds in veggie patch


Iceberg RosesIceberg Rose

Guara and LobulariaGuara and Alyssum

Heliotropium and AlyssumHeliotropium and Alyssum


Pink CamelliasPink Camellia

Acorus graminex and LamiumAcorus graminex and Lamium

Nandina berries & leavesNandina berries & leaves

The last two photos, not blooms, but lovely and making me happy, especially the Nandinas with their redddening leaves and big bunches of berries that provide a lot of colour in the garden right now.

I’ve added this post to Helen’s meme: End of Month View over at her blog, The Patient Gardener.

Happy gardening!