The Dirty Gardener!I have finally finished! Whew! It has been a gruelling 2 days hard labour – my back is in spasms and my left hand middle finger is swollen and sore! But all the aches and pains aside - it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. All the excitment when putting pen to paper and actually seeing  it come to life!

From the adventure we took to Elgin Valley to buy the grasses, to the painful digging and planting of my trees,  to the continuous shopping for sand, stones, compost, and more plants, to the marking out and constant rearranging of each grass, to the individual planting of each one! It was a true labour of love and I always kept my intentions full of love and goodness. This is so important when I work with plants because they feel it and I truly believe that they grow better!  I even bought LOVE that I planted in the garden. Can you see it? Well, all I can say while I stand back and gaze at my beautiful grass garden – It is really and truly BEAUTIFUL!! No more to say ……you can see for yourself! So, let the dirty gardener go and clean up all the mess I made and get out of the rain!!

Enjoy the photos!

Grass feature with river bed

River bed layout

River bed

River bed feature

Grass feature nearly done

Grass feature finished

You can view the whole story in the Flickr Gallery: