DrawingHi Chris, Your suggestion about adding grasses into my front patch has really got me thinking. I’m going to totally revamp this old lavender patch – shame, they have had a good 4 years. So – I am going to pull all that out and start fresh! I sat having a coffee and sketched out, more or less, what I see for this front section. I have the dry river bed effect that has already been done (just totally hidden by the lavender) and adding grasses beside it and my special Leopard tree in the one corner, bringing in some hight and a tree in the front area. I just love the look of this tree. The patchy bark and the soft foliage. Just beautiful. But the winner will be the selection of grasses. I have to be very careful with this to get the right effect! I would appreciate any professional advice on this topic. Me being a total novice at this!