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Growing Lotus Blossom from Seed

Lotus Blossom

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to start working on the plants in my pond. I read up a bit about plants for ponds, what works, what doesn’t. First thing I learnt is that Water Lilies don’t do very well in a pond with moving water. Ok, that explains a lot. The ones I inherited with the pond have never done well. I’ve had one bloom in 3 years. [...]

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Another bag of potting soil

A Bag of Potting Soil

I had to get a bag of potting soil today for a planter that is being used for the tulip bulbs (no, I still haven’t planted them, but i have a good reason! I needed to get potting soil …) As always, I seem to be incapable of walking into the nursery and leaving with only what I came for. This time a few seedlings found their way into my car as [...]

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Seeds sprouting

Seeds Sprouting

Hi Barbie – I promised I would tell you as soon as I see something happening … and my First Attempt at Planting Seeds appears to be successful! We have little seedlings coming up in the planter box – So far I have about ten coming up of the +/- 30 I planted. I’m moving the planter box to a sunnier position now that I am a little more confident in my [...]

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The Magic Seeder

Magic Seeder

Hi my friend. I had the chance to test the Magic Seeder you bought for me – and what a GREAT product! You know how I find the whole process of sowing the seeds and then having to separate the seedlings quite difficult ….. when they are so delicate. I also tend to put too many seeds down and when they grow, the mass of seedlings are too compact, reason for the [...]