Bugs & Pests

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Bugs alive

01 Bugs alive 07

I guess with the sunshine and the great goodies the garden has to offer, it is not surprizing that I will be seeing more and more critters taking advantage of the flowers! But, I have seen less bugs, so far, than last year. The ladybird beetle is back and she loves the celery and coriander bushes. Aphids are still my archrivals. They are in the roses, lemon tree, brassicas and now I [...]

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Bugs ‘n Boids

01 Gardening in July 06

Had a bit of fun in the garden after it rained so hard. The poor birds looked like wet rags hanging on the bare fig tree. They are so part of my garden that you might as well call me the dove lady! Every morning the massive exodus of birds from my deck when I open the back door is a sight to behold. They all seem to sleep all over the [...]

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Bug Day

Caterpillar "face"

Is there a ‘Garden Bloggers Bug Day’? Just kidding, I couldn’t actually cope with another ‘gardening meme‘ – there are so many great ones and simply not enough time to join in with all of them, but as I always seem to be posting about bugs and know of at least two other bloggers that do it too, it got me wondering whether it’s just the few of us that are so [...]

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Garden friends spotted in my garden

Garden Friends 011

I love walking through my garden, but when I stop and bend down, I see so much more! I have so many active friends that work and play in my garden. Let me introduce some of them to you. My sunbirds are back and enjoying the Pineapple Sage bush – they frequent this bush, so my next photograph shoot will hopefully catch the splendid male. Lots of Praying Mantis, I am happy [...]

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Cleome attack

Cleomes 02

Oh No!! Something is chewing on my Cleome and I have lost one bush already! What can this be? Chris, I know that you lost your Impatiens to cutworm – could this be the same thing? I hope it is not that dreaded Stem Borer Beetle that is now attacking other plants in my garden. The Cleome is in a patch near the Fig and Guava tree. I will not spray any [...]

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Fig Tree damage

Fig Tree Borer 03

I received a comment on an old post from Charmain from Arborviews on the 19th of April, about the bug on the Fig Tree. She identifies it as a Phryneta Spinator – Stem Borer Beetle from South Africa. A real pest!! The larva bore into the fig tree and can actually kill it!! It was uncanny, because that very same day, I was taking photos of my “meadow” for my update and [...]

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an intsy wintsy white spider

It’s a bug-update post! Some are pretty, others not so much. But they are all fun to photograph. The white spider in the third photograph was hidden in an iceberg rose and I noticed him as I was cutting off the spent blooms last week. I let him disembark and he hopped onto the Heliotropium bloom where I thought he looked quite beautiful contrasted against the purple flowers. I’m scared of big [...]

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Mini crab spiders


When you are in your garden all day, then you have the opportunity to really see who is living in it and who is just visiting. I saved a beetle that fell in the pool, but could not save the dove that flew into our window. The neighbour’s cat loves the company of my chickens and the starlings gather en masse in the fig tree early in the morning to gobble up [...]

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The Sunday Bird Show

Starling on my Terrace

Well its been hot, hot, hot here and I’ve really not had much inclination to dig in the dirt. All I can motivate myself to do as far as gardening goes is to lounge around, enjoy the garden and appreciate the birds who took over the back garden this afternoon. At one stage there were so many flitting around that I had to put the camera down just to appreciate the very [...]

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Bug-a-boo Zoo

04 New Bugs

I have had such weird and wonderful bugs coming into my garden lately that I had to do a special post on all the bugs I have met so far. Every time I step onto my back deck, I have to run and get my camera. It is as if they wait for me and pose. Thanks to a lot of our friends, we were able to identify all of them. Here [...]