I have had such weird and wonderful bugs coming into my garden lately that I had to do a special post on all the bugs I have met so far. Every time I step onto my back deck, I have to run and get my camera. It is as if they wait for me and pose. Thanks to a lot of our friends, we were able to identify all of them. Here are a few of them, from the most recent visitors ……

A cheeky grasshopper is sitting in one of my sunflowers and chomping away on the petals – yum!

Not a bug, but a common visitor and friend

This female hopper is hanging by 2 claws

Voracious fruit beetles all clambering for a taste of the sticky, yummy figs! The annoying Starlings wake us up in the mornings with their squealing as they tear open the figs. They eat some but they just destroy a whole lot of them. These broken figs are what the fruit beetles are devouring!

Remember this little guy? Longicorn beetle

And this strange beauty? The Devil Horse Mantis

This Rhinoceros beetle I found in the manure, remember?

Some kind of horned caterpillar…. forget the name!

Colourful little beetle, isn’t he? A Harlequin bug

Another Harlequin Bug

En masse the locust can destroy, but this one is ok on his own

This Haarskeeder is the ugliest insect of the bunch!

Remember this mommy Praying Mantis who left her basket of children at my front door?

Ladybugs are always welcome in my garden!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed visiting my Bug-a-boo Zoo. I will keep you updated with any new additions.

Happy gardening xxxxx