I was so delighted beyond words when Christine came to visit me for my birthday and presented me with these beautiful Cleomes! I have always admired her Cleomes and when we go out nursery shopping together, that is one of the elusive plants on our shopping list. I have just the place for them – a new bed at the back near the vibracrete wall. I can’t wait to tackle this area, but it is too hot and windy at the moment, so I need it to be a cooler day and preferably cloudy. They need full sun to semi-shade and grows to 45cm. This will be a fab project to do. More planning and styling this time.

Cleome – Senorita Rosalita

These have a great range of pink shades within the flower colour which adds softness to this delicate flower which blows you away when seen en masse.

In every way Cleome Senorita Rosalita ia a winner! They can be planted in containers or en masse in the landscape. It is heat and drought tolerant with masses of flowers in summer. Low maintenance.

It is a PBR (Plant Breeders Rights) plant, so this means it is patented. I am not a fan of this – but it is a flower and not a vegetable, so I am going to let this one in! I love it so much!

Thank you Christine! It is going to be a highlight in my garden!

Happy Gardening xxxxx