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Apr 26 2012 by in Barbie's garden, Bugs & Pests, Gardening, Perenniels, | 6 comments

Cleome attack

Cleomes 02

Oh No!! Something is chewing on my Cleome and I have lost one bush already! What can this be? Chris, I know that you lost your Impatiens to cutworm – could this be the same thing? I hope it is not that dreaded Stem Borer Beetle that is now attacking other plants in my garden. The Cleome is in a patch near the Fig and Guava tree. I will not spray any [...]

Jan 31 2012 by in Barbie's garden, Gardening, Perenniels, | 16 comments

Cleomes in bed

Birthday 04

Hi Chris! I have been waiting patiently for a cool day in order to plant my Cleomes and TODAY WAS THE DAY! I had the perfect bed in my back garden where they will get the morning sun and some shade in the afternoon. My Three Sisters bed (which I called the “Pumpkin Patch”) had come to an end and the soil was rich and ready for new planting. They look really [...]

Jan 10 2012 by in Barbie's garden, Gardening, Perenniels, | 7 comments

Birthday surprise


I was so delighted beyond words when Christine came to visit me for my birthday and presented me with these beautiful Cleomes! I have always admired her Cleomes and when we go out nursery shopping together, that is one of the elusive plants on our shopping list. I have just the place for them – a new bed at the back near the vibracrete wall. I can’t wait to tackle this area, [...]