Well, if the Ghost Mantis was not unusual enough for you – check out this prehistoric looking bug!! I found it on the fig tree – two of them!!! One must be a female (the bigger one). I am busy looking on the internet ….. does anyone have a clue??

This one must be the female

And this one the male


This is the female before she let go of the branch and tumbled to the ground. I would imagine this is a safety mechanism. She them scurried away…. the first picture of her. But I managed to get the male to pose for most of the photos ……

What an unusual beetle – quite scary looking

Another angle from the side

Well camouflaged - strong armour plates

Looks like he has claimed this fig

Could it be a cricket? No, no springy legs…… Well, anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

Looks like I need some help on this one!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings in my BUG-A-BOO ZOO …