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Feeding time

It was feeding time today and the neighbourhood gang came to join in!! The yellow Weaver Birds are the most comical. They come and call me at lunch time when I have forgotten the time. The chickens have to peck quickly if they know whats good for them. These little doves come in huge mobs and can devour a chickens lunch in seconds!

[one_half]Doves and weavers waiting patiently[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Just getting a better view[/one_half_last]

[one_half]Go chickens – here come the mob[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Ok guys – after the count of three…..[/one_half_last]

Feeding time is always a big occasion at our house – the birds eat well and they give us such great pleasure when they come into our garden. Even the chickens don’t mind! I’m waiting for the cute Red Bishops – the males are in their fine colours now in breeding season, so I hope to catch a mob of them coming for lunch!

Happy gardening xxxxx

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Bugs ‘n Boids

Had a bit of fun in the garden after it rained so hard. The poor birds looked like wet rags hanging on the bare fig tree. They are so part of my garden that you might as well call me the dove lady! Every morning the massive exodus of birds from my deck when I open the back door is a sight to behold. They all seem to sleep all over the table and benches and under the potato tree. What a life. Then the chickens are ┬ámarched out into their play area and it’s SEED TIME!! Well, the neighbourhood birds all flock to join in for breakfast!

First the Boids…



Then the bugs…..

I was having a look at the lemon tree and there were quite a few unwelcome visitors. I have a feeling the white bug is an Australian Bug – it is white and furry looking. I have see this in a book before. Eww! The other little swollen things look like scale and aphids! I am going to have to do some bug-proofing this week.

I wonder if you also have these strange things in your garden!

Never a dull moment in my garden!

Happy Gardening xxxx

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Birds in my garden

My DovesPhoto I took of the doves in my garden. The doves gave me a great show today – they were doing the “wild thang”, and were very unfussed by Dexter and my presence and the camera. I love the birds in the garden – they wake me up every morning from about 5 am as they dart from tree to tree picking off the berries.

I also have starlings who visit our pond every day for a drink of water and a wash in the bird baths. Sometimes we have as many as six of them playing in the baths when its very hot. Unfortunately they are too fast for me to take photographs, but I will keep trying.