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Hello Summer

Petunias and Star jasmine leaping

It’s the end of November and on Saturday we slip into Summer and the start of the festive season … where did this year go? As the working year slowly draws to a close I am, at last, finding more time to spend in the garden. I’m delighting in the fact that many of my plants are finally leaping … Star jasmine is in full flower and the scent is wonderful all […]

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Mole control

Mole Control

Tired of moles digging up your garden? Fed up with voles burrowing up your plants? Then you’ve probably tried all types of remedies that range from the moderately useful to totally useless – in the form of pellets, solar mole repellers, camphor blocks, garlic cloves … and still the moles return. I’ve given up with trying to control or get rid of them. Nothing I’ve tried has worked. Until … The best […]

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End-Spring in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

It is not easy to say that our Spring in coming to an end. It has been a favourite time with tons of flowers and colours. It is the season we all know well for “Spring Cleaning” and we both know what that feels like. Busy keeping the growth under control and watching for the next surprise! Here’s what’s blooming in Christine’s garden in November 2012 It’s not been as “florific” a Spring as […]

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Just call me Daisy

And I have them in pink!

A few months ago I saw a little four pack of seedlings marked simply “Daisy” at a local nursery. They were really small, as seedlings go, but I liked them and brought them home. Not really knowing what they are (try googling ‘daisy’, you’ll get hundreds of results, none of which helped identify the seedlings I’d bought), I planted the four “daisies” in different spots, shade, semi shade and full sun. The […]

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My Visit to Seebauer Garden Centre in Munich, Germany

This was my favourite display - 'Heide'

I’ve just returned from a two-week trip to Munich in Germany which included a two-day stop in Paris on the way home. Of all the fabulous things we did and saw over the two weeks, for me, a visit to Seebauer Garten Center was one of the highlights. Even if you are not a plant-nerd, this Nursery is impressive, not just for the sheer size and scale of the offerings but for […]

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Mid-Spring in Two Gardens for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

My Japapanese Crabapple (malus floribuna)

The sun is up early and the earth is warming up day by day, now that we are midway through Spring. Some blooms have come to an end but this only makes way for bigger and brighter flowers. Trips to the well-stocked local nursery are frequent to get all that is needed for a burst of colour with new seedlings and flowering plants. Here’s what’s blooming in Christine’s garden in October 2012 The warmer […]

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A look around

And the Lilies have started to flower

I’m really tired of the cold weather. Where is Spring? It’s almost mid October and my barometer tells me its 10°C or 50°F (I’m not sure how accurate it is, but it sure feels that cold). Yesterday was a lovely sunny day (sunny but not warm) and I took a walk around the garden and was surprised at how much is looking pretty despite the weird weather. I’m loving the Lilies again […]

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Small Spring harvest

Spring harvest

I was not very diligent with my Spring veggie and herb planting so my harvest this month has been small. The endless rainy and cool weather took the “feel-like-it” right out of me and now I’m regretting not planting a few more things a bit earlier in the season. But I do have a few things to show. Notably, the Lemon grass is looking fabulous and I’ve harvested plenty, so much so […]

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Painting the pond

Special Gold fish

About two weeks ago we had a minor episode with electrical boards tripping and the problem was traced to the pond. Our wonderful friend and electrician Gavin was here in minutes and pronounced the wiring to the pond had deteriorated so badly it needed to be rewired. This required draining the pond so I decided it was an opportune time to repaint the interior of the pond which has been annoying me […]

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Six, Seven, Eight

Gaura and Lavender together

In January this year, Diana of Elephant’s Eye invited us to write a plant portrait each month. “I challenge you, in 2012, each month choose a plant. Archived pictures of flowers, berries, autumn leaves, wildlife endorsing your choice. Start fresh – what will be your signature plant?” In January I profiled Carex evergold and in February I raved about the Pittosporum eugenioides ‘Variegata’. In March it was Dietes grandiflora and in May it was […]