It’s the end of November and on Saturday we slip into Summer and the start of the festive season … where did this year go?

As the working year slowly draws to a close I am, at last, finding more time to spend in the garden. I’m delighting in the fact that many of my plants are finally leaping … Star jasmine is in full flower and the scent is wonderful all over the front garden. There is hardly a bare patch to be seen and the lawn is slowly coming back to its summer splendour. Slowly. And not without a huge effort. But it is worth it when it looks all lush and green, like a little carpet in the mass of plants at the back. Areas I focussed on last year, like the back left corner garden, are full of happy plants about to burst into bloom. The Agapanthus are looking great this year, and all my grasses are coming back strongly after their spring cut back.

Here’s a quick look around at some of my favourite spots.

Petunias and Star jasmine leapingPetunias and Star jasmine leaping

This corner was a “project” last summerThis corner was a "project" last summer

The new bird houseThe new bird house looks lovely

New grasses are coming upThe new grasses are coming up

This Dahlia is taller than meThe massive Dahlia is taller than me

Newly planted to replace struggling GardeniasNewly planted to replace the struggling Gardenias

And a mass of flowers in the Rose bedAnd a mass of flowers in the Rose bed

Jasmine climbing up the treeJasmine climbing up the tree

In the pond …In the pond ...

Thunbergia Alata (new)Thunbergia Alata (new)

Solanum jasminoides behind the DahliaSolanum jasminoides behind the Dahlia

A deep dark shade spot full of greeneryA deep dark shade spot full of greenery

After the trellis in the front garden “Gardenia bed” collapsed I decided it was time to redo that bed. The last few weeks I’ve been busy digging up the struggling Gardenias and painting the walls (yes I did have help :) ), and then I planned, purchased and planted up the new bed. I’ll do a post about it soon, but the preview is above.

Happy Gardening