I was not very diligent with my Spring veggie and herb planting so my harvest this month has been small. The endless rainy and cool weather took the “feel-like-it” right out of me and now I’m regretting not planting a few more things a bit earlier in the season. But I do have a few things to show. Notably, the Lemon grass is looking fabulous and I’ve harvested plenty, so much so that I’ve frozen quite a few stalks. I love the actual plant so much that I’m going to plant some into the flower beds so we have a more continuous supply.

Spring harvest

Rosemary and Violas in the strawberry potRosemary and Violas in a pot

Lettuce and chives in the planterLettuce and chives in the planter

Fabulous Fennel looking goodFabulous Fennel looking good

A welcome volunteerA welcome volunteer

Baby lettuce coming onBaby lettuce coming on

New Chamomile plant – thank you Barbie 🙂Chamomile plant - thank you Barbie :)

I have lots of RosemaryI have lots of Rosemary

Red leafed lettuceRed leafed lettuce

The pretty curry plantThe pretty curry plant

Lemon Thyme is wonderfulLemon Thyme is wonderful

Baby cos lettuce almost readyBaby cos lettuce almost ready

My veggie planter is rather disorganised. I have no real plan when I plant, I just plant what I like and know I can manage. My garden includes lots of herbs and I tend to only plant vegetables that are easy to grow or not readily available in the shops. Freshly picked herbs are always in a winner in my kitchen but vegetables that require constant monitoring – I’m not so good at growing those. 🙂

So what’s growing in your veggie patch?